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Rosie Dickens, Roses are red (and other colours)



130 pages, perfect bound
First edition of 100

Rosie is a friend of mine who is very funny and interesting. Over the last year or so, she's been using her Instagram feed to create memes. I don't know a lot about meme culture, but I know I like Rosie's. They're smart and self-aware, and often very sad. They follow certain themes: the 'roses are red' theme, the 'Leo and me' theme, and so on. She seems to be pretty into Kevin Costner at the moment. Oh, and face swapping with Buddy, her dog. He's in there a lot.
Basically, Rosie's memes are really funny and interesting, just like her. I thought it would be good to make a book of them, instead of having to use up all my data allowance checking her Instagram feed.