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Some Stories 4th edition



Some Stories by Max Olijnyk
136 Pages, perfect bound
13×20 cm
Fourth edition of 100
Striking cover designed by Ed Davis
Please note: postage is from New Zealand and takes 6-10 business days to get to Australia

I wrote all the stories in this book between 2014 and 2016. They're mostly about my friends and things that happened to me. I'm very proud of them, and it. This edition includes several newer stories as well as a blue cover.

'Reading Olijnyk talk about a day out skating was as interesting to me as reading many fantastical works of fiction. I suppose that’s because it’s really good writing.'
– Rebecca Varcoe, The Lifted Brow

‘Max Olijnyk has written a book. And to make matters worse, it’s good.’
– Jason Crombie, Monster Children

‘Putting life into words isn’t easy. Even seeing life clearly isn’t easy. What’s important? What’s not? How does it string together into something meaningful? Some Stories asks this stuff without asking it. A generous, real-time trip into someone else’s brain. Photographic, sad, funny, and as true as it gets.’
– Penny Modra, The Good Copy

'Max Olijnyk's stories are wry little morsels. Understated and crisply written, they have a warmth and particularity that lingers in the mind.
His thoughts on life, family, skateboarding and the many varieties of status anxiety are not only shrewdly judged but also fun to read.'
– Murray Bramwell, Flinders University

Some Stories got me through the [US] election last night. Good to turn away from overblown ridiculous world-changing chaos to tales of the personal and pedestrian, so sneakily profound.’
– Mitch Marks, Whitireia Polytechnic

‘This delightful edition will make you chuckle, cringe and contemplate what you can hock to get yourself a ticket to New Zealand.’
– Molly Monro, Metropolis Bookshop